Is Quest Outdoors Legit?

Got this question the other day on a blog post. Seemed like a strange question. So … why not!

Yes! Quest Outdoors is Legit!

Is Quest Outdoors legit? Yes!

I have been friends with the owners of Quest Outdoors since 2016. They used to have an incredible coffee shop in the basement of their store, and I would go there after I dropped my middle son off for preschool. I could get in a few hours of solid work in a great location with great people.

Over time I started getting to know Ryan and Michelle King, who are the owners nee proprietors of this hidden wonder of the world. After a while, I even started helping them with their website and SEO.

Ryan and Michelle bought in to the Quest Outdoors story with the opening of their store in East Louisville. In 2010 they became the caretakers of the next part of the Quest Outdoors legacy.

Mr. King says, “As you know, very few cities are as vibrant and passionate as Louisville. Having a store that has been so much a part of the fabric of Louisville and has been supported through thick and thin by the community is a responsibility. I want our store to be not just a local outfitter, but also an organization that helps preserve and facilitate the things that make you love Louisville and the state of Kentucky.”

Ryan King proprietor of Quest Outdoors

The Kings and the wonderful staff at Quest Outdoors strive to be a resource for their customers. Many of their employees have hiked the Appalachian Trail or are fly fishing guides in the Fly Shop. If you have technical or practical questions about the equipment, they can help!

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